Call for Communities Delegation Members |

CLOSING DATE of the first call for all nominations is MONDAY 1st DECEMBER 2014 at 1200 GMT.

To review the terms of reference and download the application form, visit the Communities Delegation website.

The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is perhaps the most important and innovative health initiative developed in the 21st century. The Global Fund was created to dramatically increase resources to fight these three devastating diseases, and to direct much needed resources to areas of greatest need. As a partnership between governments, civil society, the private sector and affected communities, the Global Fund represents an innovative approach to international health financing.

The Communities Delegation is made up of individuals living with HIV, TB and affected by malaria, and its vision is one in which all communities living with, or affected by HIV, TB and malaria to have equitable access to quality services and support needed to prevent, treat and/or live with these infections within a conducive environment that respects human rights.  The mission of the Communities Delegation is to ensure the voices and issues of people living with HIV, TB and affected by malaria influence the deliberations and decisions on investments and programmes of the Global Fund to achieve greater and sustained impact for communities.

The Delegation actively participates in formulating policy and strategy positions on key issues of relevance and works closely with other board delegations (in particular the Developed and Developing Country NGO Delegations) to ensure that issues relevant to communities infected and affected by the three diseases are effectively addressed.  The goal of the Delegation is to ensure that our participation on the Global Fund Board results in Universal Access to quality prevention, treatment, care and support for communities living with and affected by the three diseases based on the principles of equity and human rights.

The Communities Delegation thus is required to have informed and accountable representatives on the different committees and structures of the Global Fund, as well as implementing mechanisms and strategies to communicate with the broader community and partners affected by the three diseases.

The Delegation is looking for suitable candidates to join the current Communities Delegation, to ensure that the issues and voices heard at the Global Fund Board level are legitimate and continue to represent issues faced by communities living with HIV, TB and affected by malaria.  The Communities Delegation will also be actively implementing its 5-year strategy (2011 – 2016) with its key strategic objectives in Human Rights; Access to Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support; Effectiveness and Efficiency; Replenishment and Resource mobilisation; and Internal Processes.