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As we shared in a previous post, the Global Fund is hosting several in-person Partnership Forums in the coming months under the theme “Shaping Our Future: Collaborating for a Healthier World”, the purpose of which is to solicit input from all Global Fund partners about the new strategy that is currently being designed for 2017-2021.

For those not invited to an in-person forum, you can take part in the Global Fund e-Forum 2015, a borderless, and open to all, multi-lingual online consultation that will help shape the new strategy of the Global Fund. This new Strategy is expected to be adopted by the Board of the Global Fund in spring 2016.

The e-Forum is an integral part of this extensive consultation process, uniquely positioned to engage all sectors of society in an inclusive and participatory way to collectively shape the future work of the Global Fund.

This year’s e-Forum will start on 20 April and run over a 10-week period to end on June 30. It is moderated simultaneously in four languages, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

All stakeholders are invited to discuss nine high-level strategic thematic areas of the Global Fund:

W1-W2: Apr 20 – May 3
1. General
2. Priorities for the Three Diseases
3. Gender

W3-W4: May 4 – May 17
4. Human Rights/Key Affected Populations
5. Sustainability and Transition

W5-W6: May 18 – May 31
6. Funding Model Feedback
7. Challenging Operating Environment (read synthesized comments digest for this topic)

W7-W8 : June 1 – 14
8. Health Systems Strengthening (read synthesized comments digest for this topic)
9. Community Systems Strengthening (read synthesized comments digest for this topic)

W9-W10 : June 15 – 30
10. Summary feedback and discussion

Reference documents

*Inputs received during each 2 week period will be synthesized and a report will be issued at the end of each of the week. The theme will then remain open for input for the rest of the period but will not have weekly summaries. Any feedback received after the featured period will however be included in the final summary report of the entire e-Forum.

The e-Forum 2015 is your opportunity to help shape the strategy and ensure the Global Fund’s increasing impact for the three diseases and global health. Your contribution will help define our strategic framework to most effectively fight the three diseases.

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