Action Alert: Register of Unfunded Quality Demand Requires At Least USD$2 Billion to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria |

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Published today on the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s website is a list of quality programmes proposed by Global Fund recipient countries that are currently going unfunded. These funding requests of USD$2 billion represent programming that has passed the Global Fund’s rigorous technical review process but has been left unfunded because of resource constraints.

After over 10 years of achieving results in the fight against the 3 diseases, partners of the Global Fund in implementing countries know how to make real gains and accelerate our ability to reduce the impact of the epidemics and save more lives.

This expression of quality demand from so many partners around the world is not a reflection of any failing of the Global Fund – on the contrary, it is another example of its success.

All that is missing are the resources to make these aims possible.

These partners need you, Global Fund advocates, to use the Register of Unfunded Quality Demand (UQD) as a concrete tool for mobilizing resources towards these goals.


The most recent replenishment period that concluded at the pledging conference in December 2013, mobilized an historic USD$12 billion for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Yet, as advocates, we knew that ongoing resource mobilization would be needed to end the epidemics.

The Register is a published list of unmet funding requests created as Concept Notes (applications) are received and reviewed from the more than 100 countries eligible for Global Fund grants to address HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and/or malaria.

The list already represents USD$2 billion worth of programming that 42 countries regard as essential to complement existing efforts to fight the 3 diseases. More quality demand is expected as additional Concept Notes are received in 2015 and 2016.

What can GFAN Advocates do? Take action!

As GFAN members, we know that you are strategic and savvy advopcates for the Global Fund. Below are some simple ideas that you can build on to create a strategy for engaging the right influencers and decision-makers in your country.

  • Assess the countries and types of programming on the register next to your country’s ODA priorities, strategic plan, legislative agenda or list of focus/eligible countries for ODA and let your elected officials know that you want unfunded quality demand to be a funding priority for your Government.
    • Write a letter to the key decision-makers in your government.
    • Include and keep messages about UQD funding opportunities in upcoming and all future discussions with elected officials and bureaucrats or request a specific discussion.
    • Include information on your organization’s website, in upcoming newsletters, in action alerts to your grassroots membership or fellow advocates, etc.
    • Generate a call to action/public campaign around specific potential recipients on the UQD.
  • Generate awareness and possibilities in the Private Sector and amongst high-net-worth individuals. The Global Fund sees these groups as potential sources of financing for the UQD.
    • Are there companies headquartered or with major branches in your country that partner with the Global Fund? If so, write to them about the need to finance the UQD register in countries where they operate.
  • Follow the Global Fund Advocates Network on Facebook and Twitter and follow and share the conversation on UQD.
  • Join our upcoming teleconference to learn more about the UQD and what you can do about it.

More to come from the GFAN Secretariat to support your advocacy work

In the coming weeks we are looking to host a call – in partnership with the Global Fund Secretariat – to learn more and as advocates discuss the UQD and a strategy to build support towards funding the expressions of quality demand found in the register.

We will also begin to generate case studies that will demonstrate the difference investment can make in several countries where UQD has been registered. These case studies will be released as they are available and we aim to release the first one before the end of April.

In the meantime, we encourage you to take action and share your messaging, successful actions and other information about your advocacy around the UQD on the GFAN mailing list to inspire and inform your fellow Global Fund advocates!

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