Notes from GFAN Calls

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GFAN hosts regular conference calls with advocates from around the world. The calls are used for information sharing and joint strategizing on the Global Fund.

Below you will find notes and details from past calls. Recordings may be available for some calls, please contact Tara Hogeterp at to enquire.

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Notes, recordings and slides from calls regarding the ACT Accelerator can be found here:

2021 Calls

November 25: GFAN Call – Debriefing of the 46th Global Fund Board Meeting with the Communities, Developing Country NGO and Developed Country NGO Delegations

November 23: Launch of the GFAN Civil Society Ask for the 7th Replenishment, with Khuat Thi Oanh and Matthew Kavanagh

November 11: GFAN Call: Annual Meeting Debrief, World AIDS Day plans, and US hosting announcement 

October 6: Thought Leaders Call: Enabling Global Health Financing Beyond ODA and the Pandemic through Global Public Investment

September 20: Thought Leaders Call: Embedding digital transformation in Global Fund programs

September 3: Global Fund Results Report – Call in Advance of the Release on September 8


August 4: C20 and G20 Updates

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June 16: The Global Fund 7th Replenishment & 20th Anniversary

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For those that have missed it… We have a new home! GFAN is now hosted by JLI – full announcement can be found here:

May 25: A look at the 45th Global Fund Board Meeting

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April 6: World Malaria Day Tools & Global Fund Strategy Update

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March 9: The GFAN 2021-2025 Strategy

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March 1: Introducing the 2021-2022 GFAN Speakers Bureau and GFAN’s World TB Day Materials

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Feb 23: Check-in following the second Global Fund Partnership Forum for Africa/MENA I

February 16: Check-in following the first Global Fund Partnership Forum for ECCA/LAC

February 3: Report Back from the third civil society and communities pre-meeting and the Global Opening of the Global Fund Partnership Forum

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January 26: Report Backs from the first two civil society and communities pre-meetings in advance of the Global Fund Partnership Forum.

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2020 Calls

December 8: Last GFAN Call of 2020 ~ Finding a new home, update on the US election results and what that means for global health, latest updates on the Global Fund Strategy Development and the work of the CRG.

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December 1: Call on TB & the Global Fund Strategy Development Process with Updates on the StopTB Board Meeting

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Upcoming Calls/Events:

17 November: Presentation on the Global Fund Strategy Development from the Vice Chair of the Strategy Committee & thoughts on Strategy Development and the 44th Global Fund Board meeting from Communities and Civil Society Delegations.

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October 14: Global Fund Strategy Development Process and Results Report

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On June 18th, CSEM and GFAN co-hosted a conversation that was open to all interested civil society and community CSO’s, advocates and activists to share information about the role civil society and community are playing on the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator.

While most information is still very preliminary, the conversation provided updates on what issues were being discussed in the various “pillars” of the ACT-A: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Vaccines and the Health System Connector.

Close to 200 people joined the call and discussion points raised included ensuring that there is opportunity from the broader community to feed into conversations in all the pillars and across ACT-A, ensuring that information is shared with global health CSO’s, advocates and activists broadly across many issues (including importantly those communities who are most vulnerable to COVID because of other health challenges) and importantly to ensure that in these conversations, civil society representatives include people living with or recovered from COVID-19 at the centre of the response.

For more information or queries on how to engage in these conversations going forward, please contact Katy at

Documents from the call:

Call Recording

2019 Calls

May 22: GF Board Meeting Debrief – Recording