The Replenishment in Lyon, France

GFAN’s joint statement with GFAN Africa, GFAN Asia Pacific, Communities Delegation, Developed Country NGO Delegation & Developing Country Delegations on the Global Fund’s 6th Replenishment outcome.

Will you be in Lyon for the Pledging Conference and side events between October 8th and 10th? Take a look at some of what will be happening in the lead up to the Replenishment Conference!

Money Matters: Invest to End the Epidemics

With many country and private sector pledges already announced – the Global Fund is well on the way to raising an unprecedented amount of money to invest in programs to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: millions of lives will be saved, countless new and innovative approaches and programs will begin and systems for health will be strengthened.

The US$ 14 billion ask – was always an ambitious target – but, is, in reality, the minimum needed.  GFAN has long been clear – to truly Step up the Fight and get us Back on Track towards our sustainable development goals of eliminating the 3 diseases by 2030 – an investment of at least US$ 18 billion in the Global Fund is critical

How would you invest another US $4 billion?

Comment investiriez-vous quatre milliards de dollars américains supplémentaires?