Olya Klymenko

Olya Klymenko

Few people are aware of their rights as patients when they fall ill, and in 2015, Olya was one of those unaware. She was diagnosed with TB and without being informed that she had a choice in her treatment and care, she was immediately admitted to a TB hospital. This caused her to lose her business and be separated from her daughter. Had she been better aware of her rights and known that ambulatory treatment was a choice for her, she could have been saved the isolation from society and separation from her family, as well as the additional risks associated with her hospitalization.

Since recovering from TB in 2016, Olya has dedicated her life to changing the way TB patients are treated in Ukraine, and ensuring that everyone seeking treatment is aware of their rights. In 2018, Olya was one of the founders of TBPeopleUkraine – a charitable organization dedicated to uniting the efforts of TB survivors, affected communities, and all those fighting TB in Ukraine. With support from the Global Fund, TBPeopleUkraine has increased its regional representation and expanded its overall impact across the country.

Olya Klymenko - GFAN Speakers Bureau

I speak openly about my experience in order to help other people affected by TB in Ukraine gain confidence in their right to health and human dignity.

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