150 Day Challenge |

GFAN Friends, Supporters and Fellow Advocates,

We are pleased to say that the first 25 days of our campaign have been a great success!  Over 375 people from over 80 countries around the world have shared why it is critical to them that we Get Back on Track and End the Epidemics of AIDS, TB and Malaria and why we need investments of over $14 billion in the next Global Fund Replenishment.

What did you have to say? 

I am calling on governments around the world to invest more than US$ 14 billion in the next Global Fund Replenishment – it is critical to me that we Get Back on Track and End the Epidemics of AIDS, TB and malaria because:

24 % – People’s lives matter.

27% – The world committed to ending Aids, TB and Malaria by 2030.

47% – We have the ability to defeat these three diseases we just need the investment and political will to do it.

As more countries are considering their pledges and making their decisions now is the time to make our voices heard.  So please share our campaign and contact elected officials.  All the tools you might need are available here for you to adapt and lobby officials in your country, and promote the importance of the Global Fund in local media.   

Today we are also issuing a challenge – we want over 1000 signatures in the next 25 days!  Can you help us?  Spread the word and share your support! 

If you are able please share over social media today:

We are 150 days away from the Global Fund Replenishment Conference in Lyon, France.  Show your support by signing the call to action today!   #GetBackonTrack  #StepUptheFight  #EndtheEpidemics