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Guest Blog Post by The ACTION Secretariat: 

In a special session at the close of the 22nd International AIDS Conference, former U.S. President Bill Clinton and other high-level speakers  called for urgent action  to better integrate the responses to tuberculosis (TB) and HIV. President Clinton called on the audience to remember that TB is the largest killer of people with HIV and urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other heads of state to demonstrate global commitments to more ambitious, people-centered responses in two months at the first-ever United Nations High-Level Meeting (UNHLM) on TB in New York on September 26. This call to action built on a key theme that echoed across the week-long meeting: the world cannot reach the end of the epidemics of HIV/AIDS or TB without making more progress toward an effective joint response and ambitious, integrated, people-centered care overall.

“We need...

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GFAN Speaker Timur Abdullaev is human rights lawyer from Uzbekistan. He is a person living with HIV and a TB survivor, and he is a Board member of TBpeople, the global network of people affected by TB, as well as the Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board.  He spoke at the Civil Society Hearing at the UN in New York on June 4th as an important step in the lead-up to the UN High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis.

Timur spoke at the UN at the beginning of June and outlined some of the biggest challenges we are facing in the fight against TB today: 

Every year, over 10 million people get sick with TB. Of them, 40 percent are “missed” by health systems – their TB is not diagnosed, meaning they receive no care or treatment, and their infection goes unreported. A large proportion of people infected with TB are “missed” due to the fact that historically, many TB programs are chronically dis...
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Evaline Kibuchi the Coordinator Stop TB Partnership Kenya on her visit to Ottawa, Canada to speak to Members of Parliament about the importance of Canada’s participation in the TBHLM. 


Globally, tuberculosis (TB) claims more lives than Malaria and HIV combined. In 2016 alone, the infectious disease claimed about 1.7 million lives globally. The TB target in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to end the disease by 2030.  This calls for innovations and accelerated advocacy to ensure adequate resources towards TB interventions that will realize this goal.

The year 2018 provides a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity for High Level advocacy around the disease.  The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) allocated a special forum for the heads of states to deliberate on TB and make commitments which, if well implemented, will lead to ending TB by 2030.  ...

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UPDATE: Dr. Tedros received a hard copy of the statement with 86 signatories on 17 November. He agreed with civil society’s four points and discussed in relation to the statement:

Having a civil society/community member open the conference Having targets be numbers, not percentages that can be manipulated Having targets at country level – including on R&D The need for an independent accountability mechanism that isn’t solely WHO

Report of the Informal Consultation Meeting of Civil Society Participants of the WHO Global Ministerial Conference on Ending TB with Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO 16 & 17 November 2017: Moscow

Download the complete statement with signatories.