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In April GFAN Speaker Maurine Murenga visited Washington DC in the United States. 

Maurine visited many offices including both Republican and Democrat Senators and Congresspersons.  She also had an opportunity to meet with advocates during her stay in Washington.  This included a lunch event entitled “Global Fund and the Costs of Inaction” that was attended by representatives from over 15 organizations including ONE, UNAIDS, Malaria No More, Results, and of course the hosts, Friends of the Global Fight.

She shares with us below details about her trip and why the work of the Global Fund is so critical.

What was the purpose of your trip? Who invited you?

The purpose of my trip is to pitch for Global Fund replenishment and I was invited by Friends of the Global Fight

What do you think was the most important or impactful part of your trip?

Meeting the congr...

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The GFAN Speakers Bureau features advocates who have seen the impact of the Global Fund in their lives.  Speakers share the message of the importance of the Global Fund and are active advocates in their own communities for prevention, treatment and/or care for one or more of the three diseases.

In April Loyce Maturu visited Canada to speak with advocates, supporters and Members of Parliament.  She shared her message on the Global Fund and actively advocated for an increased pledge for the Global Fund from Canada. She also had an opportunity to testify before the House of Commons Finance Committee along side Françoise Vanni, Director of External Relations for the Global Fund and share her story. 

I visited Canada to build momentum, and to advocate by sharing the impact of the Global Fund so as to encourage Canada to continue investing within the Global Fun...

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Mirriam Banda Chisamba is the primary health care provider, midwife, nurse, administrator, counsellor and health champion to 15,000 people in her region in eastern Zambia at Kafumbwe Rural Health Centre, Katete District.

She is also married and a mother of three. In 2011, she almost lost her daughter to malaria. She recovered, but the memory still haunts her. She also can’t count the many times she has suffered from malaria. Mirriam sees malaria every day at th...

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Serge Douomong Yotta est camerounais et milite au sein de la communauté touchée par le VIH, notamment des groupes de population hautement vulnérables tels que les hommes ayant des relations sexuelles avec d’autres hommes (HSH) et les jeunes en Afrique.  

Serge s’est engagé dans la lutte contre le VIH et le sida lorsqu’il a remarqué une vague de décès parmi ses amis. Il est personnellement motivé pour a...
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Serge Douomong Yotta is from Cameroon and is an activist with communities affected by HIV including  key population groups such as men who have sex with men (MSM) and youth in Africa.

Serge’s commitment to fighting HIV and AIDS began when he noticed a wave of deaths amongst friends. He became personally motivated to stop the spread of HIV within his community. He co-founded Affirmative Action to respond to the injustices faced by LGBT people in Cameroon as well as to p...

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The focus of this mini-social media campaign is to highlight the importance of the Global Fund and its critical role for getting back on track to end the epidemics of AIDS, TB and Malaria.  The Global Fund will be holding its 40th Board Meeting on November 14 and 15 in Geneva Switzerland, and it is a good time to highlight the need for increased investment. 

As we know the Global Fund is in the final stages of preparing its Investment Case that it expects to release just ahead of February 8th’s Preparatory Meeting – we need to continue to send the message that their ask needs to be ambitious and rooted in the plans to end the diseases and its own 2017-2022 strategy.

You can find below: 

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*New* Mini...

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