Donor Report Cards: A civil society evaluation of past donor performance (2008-2010) and contributions asked from donors in the Global Fund Replenishment Process (2011-2013) |

The Donor Report Cards and its report focuses on the accountability of major donors to the Global Fund by bringing together civil society advocates’ evaluation of past performance of the governments in their respective countries (for 2008-2010) and the contributions asked from these governments for 2011-2013 in the context of the 3rd Replenishment Process of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The Donor Report Card per country can be found here:

Overview & Conclusions
Australia (A1 pdf)
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Austria (A1 pdf)
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Canada (A1 pdf)
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Denmark (A1 pdf)
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Germany (A1 pdf)
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Italy (A1 pdf)
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Japan (A1 pdf)
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Russia (A1 pdf)
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Spain (A1 pdf)
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The Netherlands (A1 pdf)
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United Kingdom (A1 pdf)
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