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The Future of ODA |

Internationally, the ambitious vision set out by the sustainable development goals (SDGs) has created new horizons for aid and international cooperation. However, these new possibilities are in tension with the political turmoil and financial pressure currently found in many donor countries and a context of shifting global wealth and power between countries. The world’s challenges are immense and interconnected. What could be a new and powerful narrative for the 21st century is struggling to emerge, and aid continues to be perceived and discussed much as it has been for decades. (more…)

GFAN Speakers Bureau |

Meet and hear from people who have seen and experienced the impact the Global Fund has on peoples’ lives.

What is the GFAN Speakers Bureau?

Our Speakers Bureau is a register of advocates who are committed to sharing the messages to fund the Global Fund, to create policy changes for positive enabling environments and to increase domestic investments in health and to encourage collective engagement in their advocacy to governments and decision-makers. The principle is that people who have seen the impact of the Global Fund in their lives are the most impactful…