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Meet and hear from people who have seen and experienced the impact the Global Fund has on peoples’ lives.

What is the GFAN Speakers Bureau?

Our Speakers Bureau is a register of advocates who are committed to sharing the messages to fund the Global Fund, to create policy changes for positive enabling environments and to increase domestic investments in health and to encourage collective engagement in their advocacy to governments and decision-makers. The principle is that people who have seen the impact of the Global Fund in their lives are the most impactful spokespeople for the Global Fund. Each of our Global Fund champions are currently or have in the past accessed Global Fund-supported programs and are active advocates in their own communities for prevention, treatment and/or care for one or more of the three diseases.

In the past, GFAN supported the Here I Am campaign, a primarily online initiative that aimed to share the voices of those most affected by the three diseases, which included trained and funded Ambassadors to speak with the media, the public and decision-makers, primarily in donor countries, in the lead up to replenishment pledging events. Both in 2010 and 2013, HIA Ambassadors were invited by members of GFAN to speak in different countries at dozens of different events and meetings during 18 different visits. The success of their visits encouraged us to pursue the creation of a longer-term vision for our speakers.

As GFAN members are constantly seeking opportunities to solidify and increase either donor funding to the Global Fund Secretariat or domestic funding for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, being able to call upon trained spokespeople is a key to the success of their advocacy. We are offering our members and their partners on-going access to speakers that can provide the voice of affected communities at their events and discussions with decision-makers, the public and media.

Can one of your champions attend my event, speak to the media, etc.?

If you’re an organization working on HIV, TB and/or malaria advocacy, we can work with you to see if your request is appropriate for our bureau and which of our speakers can participate. We are also open to general requests from the media. Get in touch with us here.

Note: we make cost-sharing arrangements with host organizations for all speaker trips

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GFAN stories


clara 150x150Clara Banya (Malawi)

Perspectives: HIV; tuberculosis; MDR-TB; malaria; women and girls; mothers
Languages: English (native), Chichewa (native)

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anton 150x150Anton Basenko (Ukraine)

Perspectives: HIV; hepatitis C; harm reduction; people who use drugs (PUDs); injecting drug users (IDUs)
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English

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EriKa 150x150Erika Castellanos (Belize)

Perspectives: HIV; transgender; LGBTI; injecting drug users (IDUs); sex workers; Latin America & the Caribbean
Languages: Spanish (native), English (fluent)

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loyce 150x150Loyce Maturu (Zimbabwe)

Perspectives: HIV; tuberculosis; youth; prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT)
English (native), Shona (native)

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maurine 150x150Maurine Murenga (Kenya)

Perspectives: HIV; malaria; prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT); women & girls
English (fluent), Swahili (native)

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Past speakers

Souhaila Bensaid (Tunisia)
Nicolas Ritter (Mauritius)
Louie Zepeda-Teng (Philippines)